Launch Your Life

Launch Your Life provides University of Maryland, Baltimore faculty and staff with access to work-life and wellness resources that enhance health and well-being.

Launch Your Life Wellness Portal

Welcome! The Launch Your Life Wellness Portal is designed to engage faculty and staff in opportunities to improve and maintain their health and wellness. The University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMB) is partnering with an outside vendor, Wellness Corporate Solutions, to provide eligible employees with a robust wellness portal that includes:

  • Confidential biometric screenings to test cholesterol, glucose, and body composition*
  • Health risk assessments to help determine your wellness needs*
  • A wellness portal designed for UMB employees that includes tracking tools and resources
  • Access to health coaches
  • Webinars, workshops, and brown bag lunches
  • Wellness challenges

The Launch Your Life Wellness Portal is free to eligible employees! Participate, earn points, and receive incentives.

*Your health data is held in compliance with HIPAA, the laws governing personal health information. All of your health information, including your enrollment biometric health screening results and health risk assessment (HRA) data, is confidential. It will never be provided to Human Resource Services, your insurance provider, or your supervisor. UMB receives aggregate data that summarizes UMB as an anonymous whole, not with individual results.